Zack Inskeep has been attending Minneapolis College for the past three years, enrolled in the Apparel Technologies program. Zack has gained many skills and has developed different approaches to fashion design that he will apply when creating festival wear. Zack is currently working on a summer festival-inspired clothing line. By attending many music and arts festivals and numerous concerts, Zack has picked up on what fellow attendees wear to such events. His collection is about capturing the essence, flare, and expression within the festival fashion scene.

Models: Bre Dingels, Tatum Hemiller, Lili Kovacs, Miriam Nordquist, Zachery Inskeep


I want to thank my family for pushing me to believe in myself and my work throughout the years. Thank you to all my models; without you, I would not be able to see my designs showcased so beautifully. Thank you, Bella, for taking the time to collaborate with me to give my models such electric makeup. Finally, I want to thank my professors, Mark, Vicki, and Renalie. You guys have worked so hard to make things happen for us students during one of the most challenging times we've faced together. I can't thank you enough for your time, patience, and knowledge.

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