Carrie’s fashion sense came out of necessity. The third child in a family from rural Minnesota meant one thing in fashion – hand-me-downs. Carrie learned to be stylish without following the trends. Her style is playful, eccentric and she loves using bold colors and patterns. Carrie enjoys creating items for women who want to dress up every day. She is currently working on a line specifically designed for the chairwoman of the tea party for the Central Park Committee. She loves up-cycling and thrifting high-end items. Carrie feels it is very important to be conscious of waste and consumption and hopes to explore a career within the local eco-fashion scene.

Models: Emily Holland, Kate Nordlund


I want to thank my models and stylists for doing a fantastic job. I want to give my wonderful instructors a shoutout for teaching with passion and a big thanks to my friends and family for supporting me every step of the way. Thank you, Tyler, for continually pushing me to succeed. And special thanks to Grandma Jen for always being just a phone call away! Xoxo




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