Monica Nguyen has always had a passion for fashion and loved expressing her creativity. In her senior year of high school, she proudly wore a different stylish outfit to school every day. Monica had never touched a sewing machine before taking Industrial Sewing Methods in the apparel program at Minneapolis College. She takes pride in having an eco-friendly brand that makes people feel magical. Monica is also a singer/songwriter with the artist name of Raina i. Raina means queen, so Raina i is the queen of herself and her world. Her brand is called Dedicated to You and is also known as @DTYbyRainai. She dedicates each unique design to you and our Earth.

Models: Khai Khopesh, Alleiah M., Jodi Spencer, Nellie Yesilevsky


I want to thank my Goddess, ancestors, parents, auntie, fans, fellow designers, and friends. With your support and encouragement, I have fulfilled my dream of graduating from college. I’m so grateful that it was the Apparel Design and Technologies program at MCTC. Thank you, Mark, Vicki, and Renalie, for sharing your knowledge and helping me become the designer I am today.


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