Ruth Patzloff lives in South Minneapolis with her intercultural family. She moved to Minneapolis from Chicago in 2017, where she made costumes for “Bravo,” a middle school musical theater. Ruth has taught art, among other subjects, in public school. Designing clothes and costumes with artistic expression and room to move is her goal. While pursuing her dream, you can find her swimming in Lake Nokomis, imagining it’s the ocean.

Model: Karissa Vetch


I want to thank Mark - for whom I crossed an ocean, and Adrian - my forever beach buddy. They are my huggers, cheerleaders, and investors in my educational dream - without them, I would be lost at sea. I want to thank Niels Kristian, my tailor dad, Ellen Marie, my mom full of stories, and my three siblings. Thank you to my artist friends from over the years, including Jay Fancher and Tina Reynolds, and everybody at "Bravo" Middle School Musical Theater. And thank you to my talented classmates and instructors, Renalie, Vicki, Mark, and Amanda.


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