Rina's journey into fashion design began at the age of 10 when her mother taught her how to sew. For Rina's 12th birthday, her father gave her a silk print that he bought in Thailand, and she made her first dress (with her mother's help, of course). Being small in stature, Rina found a lack of well-fitting clothing for petite women in the marketplace, so she created her own clothes. She began the Apparel Technologies program at Minneapolis College to expand her pattern-making and fitting skills. Rina is inspired by simple, elegant couture clothing. She prefers rich fabrics such as duchess satin, velvet, silk charmeuse, and taffeta, and she incorporates luxe details such as beaded embellishments and pleating into her designs.

Models: Makayla Barker, Damianna LaDoucer-Jurgens, Latifah Moss, Nellie Vargo, Anjani White


This collection would not have been possible without my husband's loving support. He bent over backward to make sure I had the time to create this collection. I dedicate this collection to him. I would also like to thank my instructors for their help and guidance over the last two years. Last but not least, thank you to my classmates who made it fun, allowed me to ask questions, shared tips and tricks, and always made it feel like we're in this together. Their comradery helped lessen the load and the pressure.



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